Take Your Dog From Shaggy to Chic

Dog-Gone-Beautiful will transform your pet

Why choose Dog-Gone-Beautiful for your pet grooming needs?

Why choose Dog-Gone-Beautiful for your pet grooming needs?

Finding a good groomer you can trust to treat your dog well and deliver beautiful results isn’t always easy – but that was before Dog-Gone-Beautiful! Our groomers have years of experience and are bona fide dog lovers. Your dog is in good hands when you entrust his care to our dedicated, friendly team.

In addition to paying special attention to the bathing and drying stages of the grooming process – to ensure proper preparation for the scissoring stage – we offer a variety of other benefits to our clients:

  • We use only organic and all-natural shampoos and conditioners. These are kind to your dog’s skin and are guaranteed to leave him with a soft, shiny coat.
  • Our groomers are proficient with a variety of hand-scissoring techniques, so you can always expect the perfect cut.
  • We always adhere to industry standards and strive to make our four-legged clients as comfortable as possible during their visit.
Ready to see how we can transform Rover from shaggy to chic? Reach out to the experienced groomers at Dog-Gone-Beautiful today to schedule an appointment for your pup.